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Meitoshi Stars Lost Canvas Hades Army

Tenko star (electrostatic roll call) bio rate of Behemoth
Voice - Honda Takako
Trick: shadow sewing Brutal Real
Confidant of Aeacus. Women with a force not inferior to Aldebaran, which boasts the superhuman strength of the Saint's premier. Also has the power to seal the movement of the enemy by manipulating shadows and ability to lurk in the shadows of the people, it is also engaged in escort of Hades and espionage.

Extent that feelings to Aeacus strong, to deny that it hurt him to die and am still to splash the power of Hades. Only her presence thickest trust of Aeacus is, was something to deny the bond of slavery believe Aeacus is absolute.

Fedor Tenkizu star (point firing) mandrake
Voice - Kentaro Ito
Trick: strangle Pradesh reel
Meitoshi to protect the entrance to the underworld. I emit sound waves to resonate in the brain of the opponentof Meikoromo chest from (Screaming Face). To engage the Yuzuriha and be binding Tenma of semi-death state, came to the rescue.

(Electrostatic liturgy) Tenrei star Byaku Necromancer
Voice - Hatano Wataru
In one of the Meitoshi of Minosu subordinate, the leader.

Furegiasu Ten-zai star (rolling financial) Ryukaon
Voice - Kato Masayuki
Trick: Howling Inferno
To engage the anger of Tenma shaking been destroyed home in Hades revival time.

Stand Tenminiku star (point Akio) Deadly Beetle
Voice - Shimura Tomoyuki
Trick: Stand By Me
Giant warrior of Aeacus under.

Veronica TakashiKiwamuhoshi (point acute) eggplant
Voice - Koyasu Takehito
Trick: Buraiaru Fort
Meitoshi that was left from Thanatos the management of the forest of death. It is under the guise of a bewitching beauty, but in fact a man. Pitch a camp of offense and defense together to manipulate the dead and flies.

Gurego (point Dacheng) Xuanwu Tenshisa star
Voice - Kanemitsu Nobuaki
I challenge the hand-in-hand combat in El Cid in Meikoromo boasts a firmness of diamond par.
Figure of God Beast Xuanwu legendary is a turtle with a snake winding, but objects form of Meikoromo which was published in the book has become a turtle only.

Pharaoh Ten-juu star (point beast) Sphinx
Trick: balance of Curse
Mukaeuchi the Saint us as a gatekeeper of the lost canvas, I will confront Shijifosu.

Tenma star Karon of Akeron
Trick: Rolling All
Appear in the ark to try to give me for sale a stone statue of the Saint who were petrified in a sea of ​​clouds. It's greed who prize rewards and money than God, and safeguard agreement with the person who paid the price.

Sylphide TakashiToshihoshi (point firing) Basilisk
Trick: Ana Oia flap configuration
Against Rhadamanthys, I'm hugging the loyalty of more than Hades. To face the tiger Tong traveled to St. batter take Athena to sanctuary.

Queen Tenma star (Tenma Static) Aruraune
Trick: Brad Frau A scissors
To face the tiger Tong traveled to St. clothing Abduction Athena as advance party to the sanctuary.

Tenro star (electrostatic Tenro) Gordon of Minotaur
Technique: Grand Axe Crusher
I go off to St. clothing deprivation of Athena as advance party to the sanctuary along with the Queen. In order to have confidence in the power of his own, and was eager to confrontation with Warabetora with weapons of Libra Cloth transmitted to Breaking also star.

Cube Chikage star (Chiinsei)
Voice - Forest Kunhisa
Trick: Death Messenger
The skilled in assassination, and lined up against the life of Tenma annihilating from Pandora, and climb to the sanctuary. Prudent personality. Was only used to disguise the tool Meikoromo by Saga in the original, but it is also possible to glimpse the real face in this work.

Chisa~tsu star Wimber of Bat
Voice - Nara Toru
Trick: Nightmare sonar
Meitoshi to freely manipulate alter ego as the bat countless. And lined up against the life of Tenma annihilating from Pandora, and climb to the sanctuary along with the cube.

Zerosu Tiki star (Chikisei) flogger
Came to the sanctuary tucked into cubes and colleagues Wimber. Despicable villain small. Make an attack on Aldebaran, which had already died also, and sanctioned by the bright fire came to return the borrowed him. Then, was tortured in order to become a prisoner of Athena army, and elicit how to arrive to the lost canvas from Kardia.

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